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FOP Collier County Lodge 38

Lodge 38, Naples, FL is extremely thankful and grateful for the Bichler & Longo Law Firm. They have provided some of our members (including myself) with great legal advice and assistance regarding workers comp cases/ claims. They are very knowledgeable and aggressive in helping to resolve claims. Further, their customer service is second to none, someone will always be at the ready to answer any questions you may have. If you don't hear back directly from the attorneys, you will get a response back from their very competent admin staff, who are very knowledgeable as well. Vito Cianciulli, Vice President

Coastal Florida PBA

The team at Bichler & Longo are without question our go-to outside counsel on disability and workers’ comp cases for our members. Geoff and his associates have expertise in this field that is unmatched and their record of results stands far above anyone else. Our law enforcement professionals are always in the right hands when we refer a case to the firm. Thank you to all of you for standing up for PBA members. Mike Scudiero, Executive Director

Broward County
Sheriff’s Office

I have been with Attorney Paolo Longo’s office since 2011 and I have to say that my experience has been an amazing one. No matter what my concerns were or any issues that I had, it was handled and taken care of right away. Between him and Angela, who by the way is AMAZING have truly answered my questions and never left me to “figure” things out on my own. This has been a hard road but they have been there for me every step of the way. I am very pleased how things have been going, that’s why I am still with them. Thank you both for all the hard work that you have done with my case and continue to do. The relationship we share is more of a family connection because they truly care about their clients and take care of them. Aisha Sims, Crime Analyst

Orange County Fire Rescue
& IAFF Local 2057

About 13 years ago, I contacted Geoff needing his expertise to navigate the workers’ comp claim I have under the heart and lung bill. I first met Geoff when I came on board as a principle officer with IAFF Local 2057 in 2004 finding out he had been doing this since the early 90’s or even before. I have spoken to enough people who’ve never contacted Geoff regarding the benefits they may never have realized but at one time were entitled to. It especially bothers me to find this out when the statute of limitations has run out for someone’s claim or I was told a settlement was reached without legal representation.

Geoff leads and walks the halls in Tallahassee in favor of laws that are designed to protect first responders and attends many conferences as a subject matter expert educating others on the various related issues that exist. He has won cases throughout the state of Florida that have in one way or another advanced case law and or ensured proper benefits, especially to those who are entitled to benefits for work related health issues that they may have to live with for the rest of their lives. Be smart enough to know that you don’t know what you don’t know….and that’s when you need to call Geoff. John Sitnik, Engineer

Miami Dade Public Schools

After having a heart attack at work and undergoing a triple bypass, my employer wrongfully denied me coverage under the Florida Heart/Lung Statute so I retained Bichler & Longo. My case was handled by Mr. Paolo Longo, Esq and Ms. Angela Umana, Paralegal, and thanks to them I no longer worry about coverage. They walked my wife and me through the process and made it easy. Angela is always available to answer our questions, no matter how trivial and goes above and beyond no matter the issue. Joey Diaz, Retired Law Enforcement

Miami, Florida

After many years of employment as a Fire-Rescue Paramedic/Firefighter for a local municipal fire dept. in Miami, Florida, I developed cardiac arrhythmia and hypertension. Things were not going smoothly when dealing directly with the Insurance carrier. The specific individual handling my claim, unilaterally and systematically denied some prescribed medications, and, at the last minute, would cancel stress-tests ordered by my cardiologist. I didn’t know any better so for a couple of years I paid monthly out of my own pocket for the medications, I was fed up with this insurance carrier and that specific claim representative.

Then I met the attorneys of Bichler & Longo. The only way to describe what happened next is WOW!!!! EVERYTHING CHANGED to AWESOME from that moment on. The attorney, Mr. Paolo Longo and his staff, most specifically Angela, put my case together very thoroughly and quickly. They even partner with a pharmacy, who took over ALL of my medications and had them delivered to my door overnight. Within the time of about 90 days, I had been completely reimbursed for 100% of the medications I had paid, all the mileage driving to and from the pharmacy as well as to and from the Dr.’s appointments and received a check for $30,000 that the insurance company owed me. Because the insurance carrier had been in violation of the law, they had to pay 100% of the legal costs and fees. I have never had to deal with the insurance carrier or that nasty claim adjuster again. Now if I have an issue, I just let Angela know and it is completely handled…... OUTSTANDING!!! If you’re dealing with ANY workers’ comp matter, seek this law firm out, they have offices all over Florida.

Angela has said to me many, many times, that she and the attorneys genuinely care about us, “Firefighters, police officers, and all 1st responders. I know firsthand that it’s TRUE, they are the real deal. M.R.

Orange County Fire Rescue

Thank you for the great service you and the firm provide. It has been 7 years this month since my heart attack and I am still going strong. If not for the expertise of the Bichler & Longo Law Firm I am sure my outcome and struggles would have been extremely more difficult. Jose Vazquez Jr.

Hialeah Fire

Mr. Longo has consistently been attentive and results driven on all my cases. He is available to answer questions and has a great team in place. As a first responder for many years I feel that my health would be in jeopardy if I didn't retain his services to receive the benefits I needed. Ruben

Miami Dade County Police

After years of fighting the county to no avail I hired Paolo and within 6 months the county had to except my claim. Thanks Paolo. And a special thanks to Angela, his legal secretary, she is very knowledgeable and keeps you informed about your case. Jim

Miami Dade County Police

Mr. Longo took my case after I was told several times I had no case. We went all the way to trial and we won. I got all my medical care covered and all my lost wages paid!!! James

Boynton Beach PD

I have always been the person that said I would never use an attorney. Well, life will test you beyond your imagination at times, more than once. I cannot begin to put into words how amazing this law group is. They care about their clients. Attorney Susanna Scarborough represented me and was able to get me the treatment and medical care that I needed to be able to honorably retire from my career as a Police Officer. Since then I have been hired by another organization and I am pursuing my passion. Attorney Scarborough was compassionate, attentive, honest and has been a true friend through it all. Thank you and God bless her and this Law Group. Wilmer

West Palm Beach PD

As a retired LEO, I have to say that Suzanna Scarborough handled my case with diligence, meticulousness, and thoroughness. She made me calm, patient, confident, and successful. She is one in a million and I highly recommend her. Thank you Suzanna!!! Louis