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Who does the Heart Bill protect?
Can I file a new Heart Bill claim even if an old one is denied?
What if I had a heart condition prior to beginning work as a first responder?
If I file a work injury or Heart Bill claim, am I entitled to impairment benefits?
If I cash the impairment benefit check does that close out my case?
Can I recover for my pain and suffering and emotional distress?
Can my pre-employment physical from another agency be used?
Does workers' comp have to pay me for attending doctor's appointments?
What if my employer says I don't need to file a claim or says they will fire me if I do?
Can I select my own doctor or hospital?
If my doctors say I am at MMI and releases me, is my case over?
What does the term disability mean?
Can I settle my workers' compensation claim?
If I quit my job does it affect my ability to pursue a line of duty pension?
What benefits are available if I'm diagnosed with PTSD?
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